Terms and Condition

This document, including the Business Associate Application overleaf, if fully completed signed by the applicant (s) and accepted by Hindustan Tradesmith, constitutes the Business Associate Agreement between Company and the applicant (s) whose signature and other identification date appear overleaf

  • Company appoints the overleaf identified applicant (s) a Business Associate of Company products and the applicant(s) here in after individually and collectively) referred to as the Business Associate accept(s) such appointment. The Business Associate may, on a non exclusive basis, purchase from Company, resell, Distribute and market Company product in the territory of India.
  • The Business Associate hereby confirms that he has entered into this Agreement as an independent contractor. Nothing in this Agreement shall establish an employment relationship or the labour relationship between the Business Associate and Company, and nothing shall establish the Business Associate's position as procurer; broker, mandatory commercial agent, contracting representative or other representative of Company. When purchasing and selling Company products, the Business Associate shall act as an independent vendor acting in his/her own name, at his/her own responsibility and for his/her own account.
  • The Business Associate shall not sell any Company product for a price exceeding the Maximum Retail Price. The Business Associate may charge, at his discretion, any price that is lower than the Maximum Retail price indicated on the label of any product or in any other than applicable price list issued by Company & should not sell less than D.A.P.
  • The agreement is entered into on a personal basis and may not assigned or transferred by the Business Associate to a third party without Company prior written consent.
  • The Co-Applicant acknowledges that Company will deal exclusively with the Applicant in respect of the business matters, and also pay commission and / or many other incentives to and in the name of the primary applicant.
  • Company will make all payments any through account payee cheque or banking channel.
  • The Business Associate may terminate this Agreement by a notice in writing at any time. Company may terminate this Agreement by a notice in writing pursuant to the provisions of the Rule of conduct for reasons of non-performance or breach of this Agreement.
  • Company may reject this application for any reason at its' discretion, including if the application contains incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information. Any alteration or modification will be subject to verification.
  • Company may also, at its completes discretion any application for renewal.
  • In case of sole proprietorship or partnership, Business Associate Application will to signed by the authorised signatory (ies.)
  • Track ID has to be quoted by the Business Associate/Business Associate in all his/her transactions and correspondence with the Company. The track ID once chosen cannot be altered at any point of time.
  • No communication will be entertained without unique ID and password. Business Associate shall preserve the ID and Password properly as it is "must" for logging on the website.
  • Commission/income to the Business Associate be subjected to statutory deductions as applicable.
  • Business Associate undertakes to adhere for policies, procedures, rules and regulations formed by the Company.
  • Company reserves the rights to modify the terms and conditions, products, plan, business and policies with/without giving prior notice. Such notice may be published through the official website of the Company, and any such modification/amendment shall be applicable and binding unto the Business Associate from the date fo such notice.
  • Business Associate may not re-label or alter the labels on any COMPANY products, information, materials, or programs in any way. Business Associate may not repackage or refill any COMPANY products. COMPANY products must be sold in their original containers only. Such re-labeling or repackaging would violate governing laws, which could result in severe criminal penalties. Civil liability may also result when the persons using the products suffer any type of injury or their property is damaged as a consequence of the repackaging or re-labeling of products.
  • On Product Sales, you will get benefit of buy back policy of Company
    1. Customers are guaranteed 100% product satisfaction within 30 days from the date of purchase of the product
    2. The products should be returned with relevant invoices and should be unopened and in saleable condition
    3. Upon receipt of these items, reimbursement will be issued to the distributor for the full amount paid for the returned product by the distributor, less 15% processing fee. Shipping charges, service tax and sales tax paid on the original order will not be reimbursed.
    4. Company will deduct the amount of commissions or any other earnings, benefits paid on the returned products from the appropriate distributors and adjust ranks as needed.
  • In case of death or loss of contractual capacity of Business Associate; his/her nominee or legal heir shall become the Business Associate of the Company and he/she shall also abide by all rules and regulations, terms and conditions etc., in the same manner as original Business Associate was being abide/supposed to abide.
  • KYD (Know your Direct Seller/Business Associate) Documents are Mandatory Aadhar Card/ Driving License/ Voter ID Card/Bank Statement Pan Card
  • Business Associate shall company with all state and central government and local governing body laws, regulations and codes that apply to the operation of their Company. Business Associate must not engage in any deceptive of unlawful trade practice as defined by any central, state or local law or regulation.